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Grassroots growing!

Grassroots growing!


The intention was to cater for 80 participants, but when the Grassroots Tennis Club Summer Programme opened last Tuesday morning at the Haddon Courts at Murray’s Road, there were more than 100 participants.{{more}}

And, head of the Grassroots set up, a beaming Grant Connell, said that it was beyond his expectations, and sadly, they had to turn away a lot of children.

With no registration fee charged, Connell called on the young participants to display a good standard of conduct.

Connell said that hopefully, next year, with the programme further blossoming, his club can partner with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association (SVGTA), where the National Tennis Centre at Villa can absorb the overflow of young Tennis players who want to be part of the programme.

This may be forthcoming as President of the SVGTA, Anthony Mc Kenzie, was on hand to give the parent body’s support and approval of the programme.

Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste, who is an avid supporter of Tennis, referred to the refurbished courts as “a refreshing atmosphere and the newest attraction.”

She encouraged local business houses and individuals to lend support to the Grassroots venture.

The one month Summer Programme runs until August 13 and starts at 9 am, concluding at 1pm daily.

The Grassroots Tennis Club was officially opened Saturday, February 24, and carries out free Tennis sessions on Saturdays.

Additionally, some primary schools within the environs of the courts have latched on to the free classes done during the week days, which have gelled well with their Physical Education programmes.

The Grassroots Tennis Club has also forged linkages with the Pamelus Burke Primary School in Byera and the Liberty Lodge Training Centre for Boys. (RT)