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Bonadie, Kirby emerge on top in Courts World Cup Challenge

Bonadie, Kirby emerge on top in Courts World Cup Challenge


The main floor of furniture and appliance store Courts was transformed into a sports arena for the finals of the store’s in store football activities.{{more}}

Just as with the real World Cup, the Courts World Cup Challenge and Keep It Up competitions climaxed last Saturday with tension and emotion, as Joshua Bonadie and Tiffany Kirby came out victorious in the Courts World Cup challenge and the Keep it up competitions.

Bonadie’s Ivory Coast are the virtual World Cup winners, when they pulled out a come from behind 3-1 defeat of Italy, played by Dwayne Dennie.

Dennie and the Italians drew first blood with a goal from Toni, which was soon equalised and surpassed by the likes of Ivory Coast stars Drogba, Kalou and Toure.

A obviously satisfied Bonadie is now the owner of a 32-inch LCD television, for his efforts in the virtual competition, which began one month ago, simultaneously with the 2010 FIFA World Cup and was won by Spain last Sunday.

In the Courts Keep It Up competition, Tiffany Kirby outlasted her opponent Reynold John to take home EC $1,000 in the process.

Losing the coin toss and asked to go first, Kirby juggled a Courts labeled football in a four-by-four foot square for a time of 52.61 seconds.

John, who took the square after, kept the ball up for 47.58 seconds.

A visibly shocked John cited a mental miscalculation on his part for stopping sooner than he should have, which gave Kirby the win.

The third football promotion, where customers were asked to identify the missing flag for a prize of EC $1,000, will be drawn this weekend. (JJ)