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Foyle wants more recognition for Basketball

Foyle wants more  recognition for Basketball


Alexus Foyle, voted the overall Most Valuable Player in last weekend’s revived Windward Islands Senior Male Basketball Championships, wants local government authorities to give Basketball the recognition it deserves.{{more}}

Foyle, 29, who was also the standout player for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, made his feelings known to SEARCHLIGHT last Monday morning as the victorious Vincentians returned home.

“I have a major problem here with Basketball, and that is a facility,” Foyle stated emphatically.

“There is need for them to put in an indoor gym as there is a lot of talent here,” Foyle opined.

“It must be central and have easy access in the heart of town, so that the sport can sell,” said Foyle, who emerged as the championships’ leading goal scorer.

He thought that with the successes of persons such as Adonal Foyle, Sancho Lyttle and Sophia Young on the US Basketball circuit, the consciences of the powers that be to pay more attention to the sport would have been pricked.

“We have sent out so many players on Basketball scholarships,” he added.

The Canouan born Alexus, who is the first cousin of this country’s only NBA player, Adonal Foyle, thought that much of the emphasis is placed on “Soccer and Cricket”.

He also thinks that the current St. Vincent and the Grenadines male Basketball team is a good one and must be given all the support it can get.

Reflecting his Grenada sojourn, Foyle said that the championships were great for him.

“Definitely, we were the best on show all round, and I could not have been the MVP without these guys,” Foyle, who plays professionally for Taiwan Mobile in the Taiwanese League, said.

Foyle left St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 1998, without a secondary school education, but worked his way through junior college, by putting in the extra work to gain the matriculation required.

Schooled in Hawaii from 2001 to 2003, Alexus turned a professional Basketballer in 2004.

Currently based in New Jersey, Foyle wants to do all he can to lift the standard of Basketball in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.