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Vincentian-American in University soccer course

Vincentian-American in University soccer course


Vincentian-American Akil Howard is heading to London to take part in the world’s first University soccer course.

Howard, 19, of Jamaica, Queens, New York,{{more}}

is one of a group of American students selected to take part in the course.

“Going over there, you get a lot more competitive environment than in the United States,” Howard told the New York Post.

“Everything about the environment will give you a better chance at going professional.”

Howard dreams of one day playing as a pro in the English Premiere League, the top soccer league in the world. To reach that goal, he enrolled in a new programme at Richmond, the American International University in London, after graduating from Shattuck St. Marys High School in Minnesota last month.

The programme in London combines study in the field of international business and sports with a chance for athletes to compete against premier talent.

“I decided to move to England to just get the soccer experience abroad,” he said. “It will get me used to playing in Europe and give me an opportunity not a lot of kids get.”

“My overall goal for this whole England trip is get as much exposure as possible and get onto a pro team in England or anywhere in Europe,” he said. “It could be a lot more exposure than you would get in the States,” he told the Post.

Howard noted that when he finished school, there will be a chance to hook up with an English minor-league pro team that scouts players at Richmond.

Howard is the son of Vincentians Neil Howard and Carine Samuel-Howard, originally from Edinboro and Clare Valley, respectively.