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Six Brownie packs compete for the coveted title

Six Brownie packs compete for the coveted title


The curtain comes down on the Brownie Sport competition on Saturday, July 10, 2010.

Six packs (teams) will vie for the coveted title.{{more}}

The finals which will take place at the Sion Hill Playing Field is expected to see teams being fielded by Layou, Questelles, CW Prescod, Sion Hill, Lauders and Sandy Bay.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, June 12, 2010, the final zonal Brownie Sport took place at the London Playing Field, Sandy Bay.

Sandy Bay was adjudged the winner of the seven packs that participated and secured a place in the finals.

The participants were drawn from:1st Georgetown, 2nd Georgetown, 1st Park Hill, 2nd Park Hill, Tourama, Owia, and Sandy Bay Brownie Pack.

They competed in activities which included a 60 metre race, 100 metre race, and 4 x 100 metre race. There were also needle and thread races, lime and spoon, three legged sack races, wheel barrow, hoopla, bean bag obstacle and open races.

In the 60 metre race, first place was copped by 2nd Georgetown, second went to Sandy Bay, and third went to Tourama.

Sandy Bay secured victory in the100 metre race, while 1st Georgetown placed second and 1st Park Hill, third.

The Needle and Thread segment was won by 2nd Georgetown, while second went to1st Georgetown.

At the end of this zonal competition Althea Commissiong, the Chief Commissioner, presented certificates.The event was also attended by Jacqueline Soso-Vincent, Brownie Commissioner, and Carol Delves, the District Commissioner.