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Isley holds his stance


International Olympic Committee/ International Basketball Federation accredited Coach American Nelson Isley is reiterating that the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation (SVGBBF), should not spend its financial resources on players 30 years and older.{{more}}

He made this same statement two years ago when he visited the state.

Isley, who recently conducted a 10-day Level One certification course here, told SEARCHLIGHT last Saturday evening at the course’s closing ceremony, held at the New Montrose Basketball facility, that this country should instead try to participate in every youth tournament in the region for the next four years.

“If they do that between now and 2014, then we will see a team who would have gained a lot of experience,” Isley added.

Isley is again calling on the relevant authorities to erect an indoor facility.

“Until you get such a facility, the athletes will not perform the right way,” Isley suggested.

“It is really easy to understand that if they want sports to develop, there must be such a facility,” Isley opined.

“It lifts the image of the country and it will be good that St. Vincent and the Grenadines can host regional competitions”, Isley reasoned.

He called for the construction of a multi-purpose facility.

“The ideal situation is for each to have its own facility, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, but one to serve all will do,” said the experienced coach, who has travelled to 90 countries imparting his Basketball knowledge

Isley stated that given the tropical nature of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, the rain will always be a factor when conducting such courses in outdoor facilities.

He said that this time around, there were minimal interruptions by rain, in contrast to his last visit when 30 days were lost because of unfavourable conditions.

Isley bemoaned the conditions at the New Montrose Basketball facility, with its uncovered seating area. He was, however, full of praise for the coaches and players, who day after day turned up to gain the knowledge and be part of the various drills.

Isley, who has an affinity for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, said he will be willing anytime in the future to help lift the standard of Basketball here.

Last Saturday’s closing ceremony also heard brief remarks from President of the National Olympic Committee, Trevor Bailey, and President of the SVGBBF, Cleophas Glynn.