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Mitchell remains unchallenged as BBBA President

Mitchell remains unchallenged as BBBA President


Sabrina Mitchell has been re-elected unopposed as President of the Bequia Basketball Association to serve another two-year term from 2010 to 2012.

Her election came at the Annual General Meeting and elections of the Bequia Basketball Association on Wednesday, June 2, at the Bequia District Council.{{more}}

In reviewing her tenure over the years, Mitchell told SEARCHLIGHT: “I have to say that the level of Basketball in Bequia among the young players is high. Certainly, playing regularly in organized competition with organized practice and coaching helps. This is one of my proudest achievements, as I feel getting kids involved in team sports at a young age will help to make them better people, more disciplined and well rounded adults, and to start them on a road to a healthy lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol.”

In outlining her association’s operations, Mitchell said: “Every year, the BBA pumps its revenue back into the sport with the goal of improving the standard of our equipment. Last year, we acquired a pair of GARED professional, collapsible, glass backboard backstops, valued at EC$26,000.”

“We plan to purchase a pair of wireless Daktronicks shot clocks to replace the old and continually malfunctioning ones,” Mitchell added.

Mitchell said that her organization will continue to keep the high standard of operations, especially its public relations.

She said that the Bequia All Stars will continue to make regional tours as they have done regularly in the past.

At last week’s meeting, thirty-eight persons, representing thirteen teams, were present for the meeting, whose agenda included presentation of the financial statements for the last fiscal year, reports on the past year, and discussions on preparations for the upcoming 12th Annual Championship, scheduled for July 10 to August 29.

Vice President Fitzgerald Sutton was also re-elected un-opposed, as well as General Secretary Solana Gooding and Games Secretary Cornelius Farrell. Newcomer Colson Peters was elected Treasurer, while Keithroy Lavia fills the position of Assistant Secretary-Treasurer. Monica Peters was re-elected unopposed as PRO, as well as Michael Peniston as the Players’ Representative. Christel Hazell and Kelan Edwards were elected Committee members.