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Tennis players served with monetary gifts

Tennis players served with monetary gifts


Twenty-four students of the Pamenos Burke Gov’t School were last Saturday morning served up with gift certificates, thus giving them a start as members of the St. Vincent Building and Loan Association.{{more}}

The students, part of the Grassroot Tennis set up, were each granted $10 compliments the Association.

The presentation was another way for the Grassroot organization to demonstrate its commitment to the development of its members and to keep its promise to its many local sponsors.

With the start given to the young Tennis players, the parents were encouraged to guide their children’s practice of thrift and keep investing at an early age.

The Pamenos Burke Gov’t School is one of several schools attached to the Grassroot Programme, and one which is close to the heart of the head of the Grassroot set up, Grant Connell.

It was at that institution that Connell received his early primary school education.

On hand were three members of the Building and Loan Association in Manager Earl Crichton, and staffers Luella Jackson and Idella Peters, who gave an insight into the workings of that financial institution. (RT)