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St. Vincent Grammar School Tennis Competition concludes

St. Vincent Grammar School Tennis Competition concludes


The Coreas / Hazels Inc. St. Vincent Grammar School competition ended last Friday afternoon at the National Lotteries Authority courts at Richmond Hill.{{more}}

Julio Francis beat John Rickards in the finals of the Senior Division. In the process, Francis became the first ever double winner in the history of the tournament.

Francis added his second title when he teamed up with Cortland Bunyan in doubles, as they saw off Anton Lewis and John Rickards, 6-3, 6-3.

Akeem Guy did the same as Julio, beating Zachary Williams in the singles, then combined in the doubles with Keemo Bynoe to win the junior division. Alex Harry and Kenton Duncan made up the losing pair.

Third place in the seniors went to Leopold Joyette, and in the Juniors Justin Robinson was the third place winner.

This was the fifth edition of the school’s Tennis Competition, and the third year of sponsorship by Coreas/ Hazells Inc.

The competition, which was overseen by the X- Cel Tennis Academy, saw participation by twenty students.

The matches were played during the Physical Education classes, the lunch break and after school.(RT)