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SVG settles for third spot in NY Netball

SVG settles for third spot in NY Netball


St. Vincent and the Grenadines placed third in the Caribbean New York Netball Cup which concluded Sunday, August 30, at the Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn, New York.{{more}}

Put on by the Caribbean American Netball Association, the Vincentians, considered one of the more formidable oppositions, with a couple past national and some past promising players in their line up, were beaten by regional power house Jamaica 14-13 in the all day competition.

Similar to what obtains in this part of the Caribbean, the Vincentians were true to form, also losing to Trinidad and Tobago 18-14. The twin island republic was runner up to the Jamaicans.

But the Vincentians were triumphant against Grenada, Barbados and the USA outfits.

In the open league competition played at the same venue and which concluded August 29, Vincentian team United placed second in the Intermediate and Juniors Divisions. In the A Division, Antilleans, also of Vincentian origin, docked in third.

Highlanders, also with Vincentian connections, also participated in the league competition.