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Vincy teams hit sour note


The Brooklyn Cricket League (BCL) hit a sour note last weekend when a scheduled match between two Vincentian outfits did not come off.

The much anticipated scheduled game last Saturday between Cavalier Sport Club and newly formed Middlesex Cricket Club had to be called off after the former allegedly indicated their intention not to turn up.{{more}}

Middlesex, a break away fraction of Cavalier, and headed by Cavaliers’ former Captain Mark Audain, was reported to have been informed on Thursday that there would be no game as Cavalier would not be playing the game.

“This is to let you and your team know that I have been informed by Albert Tesheira of Cavalier Sports Club that they will not be playing the scheduled game, Cavaliers vs. Middlesex on Saturday, May 30,” was part of the contents of correspondence that Captain Audain received from Secretary of the Brooklyn Cricket League Patrick Sutherland.

The mail also informed Middlesex that they earned the full ten points as Cavalier had forfeited the match.

When contacted, Tesheira, a former St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Windwards middle order batsman, said that he felt that there was no reason why the game should not be played.

According to him, there was an issue with the fixtures, which he, as Treasurer of both Cavalier and the Brooklyn Cricket League, drew to the attention of the Executive at a meeting.

He further explained that representing his club, he pointed out some discrepancies they had with the fixtures. This he said was done prior to the fixtures being distributed to the clubs.

Tesheira said following the election of the new Executive headed by another Vincentian, Carlton Samuel, a four member committee was appointed to structure the fixtures, including he Tesheira, Secretary Patrick Sutherland, both Vincentians, along with two Pakistanis.

The Treasurer added that this committee never met to perform the task given to them, instead, Secretary Sutherland went ahead and put the fixtures together, a job he has been doing for sometime now, as he held the post of Secretary in the previous Executive.

Tesheira said when the fixtures were handed out, discrepancies were noted and these were drawn to the attention of both the President and Secretary.

He said at one of these discussions, which was held prior to the distribution of the fixtures, there was the issue of which team was responsible for putting down the matting.

Tesheira said that Middlesex’s Captain Audain had no problem in putting down the matting; hence he saw no reason why the match had to be called off.

Audain, in speaking on the subject, said: “I was very disappointed the match was not played. Any differences could have been settled on the playing field. But I am not going to hold any grudges. Middlesex has no problem whatsoever with Cavaliers. If it was an issue with putting down the matting we would have gladly put it down”. (RT)