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Scoring goals is important


by Rollit Walrond 30.APR.09

Scoring Goals is every player’s dream, especially when that goal is the winning goal, but in SVG practicing to score goals is not taken seriously; goals from a volley, crosses, and headers are rare.{{more}}

I hope this brief article will encourage you to practice more often, as it will help you to be more aware and alert of the various positions and situations there are in scoring.

With a Coach, five or more balls and friends or Teammates who can serve and or pass the ball for you, you can practice. You must strike ‘the ball’ properly, towards the goal, placing emphasis on the part of the foot you are striking the ball with. This you must do while following through to keep the ball low and where you want it to go. This practice starts from twelve yards, then keeps moving three yards further away, and in half-an-hour you will recognize at what distance, direction, strength and speed changes and varies, requiring more specific effort as it becomes important to beat the Keeper.

As often as you practice, your judgment, decision and selection will improve, and also your vision. Practice not just to see, but to recognize each opportunity and the possible out come of a shot taken on goal. Only regular practice can give you the satisfaction you need now that you know that there are other points to look for when kicking.

You may find yourself learning that warm-up is important. Flexibility, agility, strength and endurance are also important. Scoring exercises could be painful in the thighs, the groin and abdominals, so to be a goal scorer, you have to prepare yourself properly to avoid injuries while you develop your techniques.