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“Soccer Possession and Position are imperative”


by Coach Rollit Walrond 17.APR.09

We must take every opportunity to be more knowledgeable of the sport, Soccer, as it helps in developing your playing ability. We practice, we compete, but most often we do not see Teams consistently stringing together passes throughout a typical game in SVG. Why? This question is asked by many.{{more}}

One can say such Teams lacks “a Coach”, as 90 per cent of Teams win their games by having more possession than the other Team. Now these areas which affect possession must be given special attention. There are Technical problems such as receiving and or your first touch, dribbling or improvisation and distribution of the ball; then Tactical problems such as proper movements, timing of runs, mobility in creating space; and individuals poor composure, concentration and patience also contributes to the lack of ball possession and position.

It is imperative that these areas be developed with your Teammates. It is important also to take into account when planning your coaching sessions, Players physical, intellectual, social and emotional capacities as they are always changing.

Possession and position are the premise on which all tactical plans are successful. Using Small-Sided-Games will assist anyone to recognize what can happen, where, when and in which circumstance it can be used best to benefit your Team or Club.

Frequent practice with ‘a Coach’ and doing what my previous article of 20/3/09 says will improve your playing ability.