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NCB sponsors Valley Netters for the seventh time around

NCB sponsors Valley Netters for the seventh time around


The National Commercial Bank (SVG) Ltd. has sponsored the Valley Netters Netball Team for the 7th year, making their participation in the 2009 Digicel National Netball Championship possible.{{more}}

On March 6th, 2009, Jannett Lynch, Captain of the Team, received a cheque of $3,795 from the NCB’s Public Relations Officer Cheryl Rodriguez.

Lynch expressed her team’s gratitude to the Bank for its generous financial support over the years, and for the bond which has been forged between the Bank and the Team.

At the opening of this year’s tournament, the team was awarded Best Dressed for 2009. Last year, they were adjudged second place in the best dressed competition, fifth in the League Championship of the Premier Division, and two of its players were selected to train for possible selection to the Under 23 and Senior Netball Teams.

Over the years, the NCB Valley Netters Team of Penniston has also performed well in the League and Knock-out titles in Barrouallie and the ASCO Netball Competition.

The NCB looks forward to outstanding results in the year’s competitions.