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SVGCA hands over Cricket Gear

SVGCA hands over Cricket Gear


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association (SVGCA) has donated six bags filled with cricket gear to six schools, in its effort to promote cricket in primary schools across St. Vincent.{{more}}

Speaking at a brief press conference on Wednesday, January 14, 2009, at the Victoria Park, President of the SVGCA Julian Jack related his concern about the declining level of cricket in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as the region. While referring to the weaknesses of the West Indies cricket team recently, he outlined that the youths are the way forward.

“If we have to make a comeback, from where we were a few years ago, we have to start with some of the youngsters,” he stated. Jack also said that the SVGCA would support the Ministry of Education in its efforts to promote cricket and sports in primary schools.

Jack also encouraged parents and teachers to make full use of the equipment, as sports can be helpful in developing all rounded students, something he has seen first hand as a past teacher. “ I am a firm believer that sports is not an obstruction to Education, and used wisely and properly you can get a more rounded person,” he said.

Echoing his comments, Sylvia Sayers, representative of the Ministry of Education, extended her gratitude to the SVGCA on behalf of the Ministry for taking the initiative to provide the gear to the schools. She further welcomed any other organization that wishes to partner with the Ministry in promoting well-rounded education to students.

The bags were donated to six primary schools across the nation. They are the Sandy Bay Primary, the Sion Hill Government School, the Belmont Government, Evesham Methodist, Rose Hall Government and Paget Farm Government School. The bags came filled with 2 bats, 3 pairs of pads, 2 pairs for batting and 1 pair for keeping, 2 pairs of receiving gloves, helmet, mittens and cricket balls. The bags altogether cost EC$11,400 with EC$1,900 per bag. The gear was purchased from a portion of funds received by the SVGCA monthly from Standford 20-20 cricket enterprise.