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Bequia holds its first Junior Tennis Tournament

Bequia holds its first Junior Tennis Tournament


The Grenadine island of Bequia witnessed its inaugural Bequia Junior (14 and Under) Tennis Tournament on Sunday, 4th, January, 2009, under near-perfect weather conditions. Organized by Coach Walford Mckie, of the Great Head Tennis Academy, and held at the new Tennis Center at Lower Bay, Bequia, the Tournament was run on a round robin format, with each match lasting half a set.{{more}}

Six students from Bequia and from St. Vincent participated in the competition, which attracted a good crowd of appreciative onlookers, including, visitors, parents and tennis fans of all ages.

The results were as follows: Girls Division: 1st: Calresa Hazell , 2nd: Indira Andrews, 3rd: Breah Simmons. In the Boys division: 1st: Troy Bullock, 2nd: Nicholas Deane, 3rd: Tavio Simmons.

The event was rounded out by an exciting exhibition match between Fabio Gasparotto, of Bequia, and Fabrice George, of St. Vincent, with George edging out Gasparotto 6 – 3. Trophies and medals were donated by Wendy Leighton and presented by Sir James Mitchell. It is anticipated that this will be an annual New Year’s event on Bequia which will encourage young tennis players to practice year round and develop their skills.