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Adams prescribes more involvement in physical activity

Adams prescribes more involvement in physical activity

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Dr. Lennox Adams, featured speaker at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association’s Awards and Presentation Ceremony last Friday night at the Methodist Church Hall, in Kingstown, believes that involvement in physical activities can prevent many of the diseases that afflict Vincentians.{{more}}

And, Adams, a Physician, wants to see “visible sustained programmes for sports and physical activity.”

A supporter of regional governments’ promotion of wellness and healthy lifestyles, Adams wants the initiative to go beyond just talk.

The physician said that, according to the World Health Organisation’s report, “Ten to 15 percent of diseases can be prevented through adequate physical activity”.

He said, according to research, 66 percent of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented.

“This can be prevented by diet and physical activity,” he said.

Adams, who cuts a well-trimmed figure, said: “Thirty minutes per day, walking, running, cycling … can help to prevent many of the diseases we are faced with”.

He pointed to the growing trend that fat is the in thing, and being fat is “sexy”, so “everyone is fighting fat”, but to him it is a cause for concern.

“There are too many fat teenagers and pre-teens; you dare not ask them to participate in physical activities. They have a no-sweat policy,” Adams observed.

He pointed to the incidences of heart disease and stroke, and revealed that “damage starts in the heart as early as in the teen years”.

He dispels the belief of the local sayings of being “big breed and big bones” in children as acceptable notions, for those who above the normal weight levels for their age groupings.

“Stop fooling our children,” Adams, a former national sprint and triple jumper said forcefully.

Adams, in his well-received presentation, touched on mental health and stated that sports and physical activities can improve the health of all Vincentians.

A former President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Athletics Association, now Team Athletics SVG, as well as the President of the National Olympic Committee, Adams summed up his presentation entitled “Sports! Its Value to a Healthy Society”, stating that sports promote wellness and is an inexpensive tool towards combating health issues.

Also speaking at the ceremony were Minister of Sports Mike Browne, President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association Julian Jack, Manager of RBTT Isaac Solomon, and Marketing Manager of Bottlers St. Vincent Limited Donald Jack. (RT)