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Courts sponsors referees in Barrouallie Football Competition

Courts sponsors  referees in Barrouallie Football Competition


The Furniture and Appliance retail giant Courts has done it again, this time by coming to the aid of referees in the just concluded Barrouallie Football Competition.{{more}}

This sponsorship enables the Barrouallie Sports Association to purchase 16 referee outfits in four different colours – red, yellow, blue and black. The competition lasted for 3 months, with 33 teams playing in five divisions- Premier, First, Under 17, Masters and Knockout .

116 games were played, and in all games the full complement of match officials could be seen sporting their new outfits. This greatly helped in maintaining a high level of discipline on and off the field of play and helped to propel the Barrouallie Football League to the pinnacle of league football in SVG.

Not to be outdone, Courts Topsidaz, a local team that also received sponsorship from Courts St. Vincent Ltd, was the triple title winners in this year’s competition. They reign supreme in the NCB Premier Division, the Norrel Hull Under 17 Division and the Knockout Division.