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Captain says ‘sign usage’ is cheating


The captain of the winning team in the 2008 Hairoun Beer sponsored Domino Championships, believes that the using of ‘signs’ in the game is on the same level as cheating.{{more}}

Nathaniel Bascombe, leader of the Water Hole Domino team which convincingly defeated Peniston United 25-19 in last Sunday’s finals, said that signing- a term used for giving ones partner a clue of what to play or what the other team has, gives an unfair advantage to the person using the sign.

Bascombe says that this takes away from the natural ability of the players and could bring the game into disrepute.

All in all, the Chester Cottage based team leader said that the tournament was a good one, and was delighted to see the turn out at the event which was carried over from Independence Day October 27th. He said he hopes to see the game get back to the prominence it once had.

For winning the tournament, Water Hole received ten cases of Hairoun Beer and $800, while second placed Peniston walked away with $200 and five cases of Beer.

Domino players will be in action again early next year, with the staging of the Guinness Domino Tournament.