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Digicel continues to show its support in Sports

Digicel continues to show its support in Sports

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Digicel is committed to ensuring that tennis continues to grow in St. Vincent and the Grenadines because it contributes to the wellness of the customers, among other things.{{more}}

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the 2008 International Tennis Federation (ITF) Digicel Junior International Championships at the National Tennis Centre in Villa last Friday, October 17th, Digicel’s Country Manager Sonia Polius said that there is a focus in the world on wellness, and tennis is a big part of that.

She said that Digicel sees it fit to support sporting initiatives and is pleased to continue supporting the ITF Digicel Tournament.

The Country Manager also spoke about Digicel’s School Tennis Initiative (STI) which gives children from the rural areas the opportunity to be exposed to tennis, which they otherwise would not have had.

Digicel also gives support to the School for Children with Special Needs and sponsors a number of other sporting events and teams in the areas of cricket, soccer and netball.