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ASCO recognizes it top cricket performers


On Saturday, May 24, the Asburton Sports and Cultural Organisation recognised its top performers in the just concluded CO Williams sponsored softball cricket competition.{{more}}

The Dauphine Community Centre was the venue, as both females and males were given their due recognition.

The Female Player of the Competition was Francelia Mascoll, of Ju-C Floranium Services Strikers. Mascoll was also her team’s Most Valuable Player. National female cricketer Cordel Jack scored the most runs and accounted for the first century in the competition. Jack, who represented United Survivors, was also her team’s MVP. Amanda Thorpe, of Zees and Sons ASCO, took the most wickets among the females. She tallied 12 wickets.

Sharing the spotlight among the males was Nicos Davis, of ASCO Two, as he scored the most runs, 189. The most wickets, 10, were taken by Oswald Soleyn, of Simple Boys, while his team mate Veron Bute hauled in the award of the Player of the Competition.

The other MVP awards among the females saw Juliana Nero capturing the award for Zees and Sons ASCO, Clea Hoyte for Clinchers, Judy Hunte-Bad News and Karla Burgin-RSVG Police.

The MVP honours roll for the males read: Shot Callers- Daren Henry, ASCO One- Osbourne Franklyn, Simple Boys- Veron Bute, Unda Dogs-Terrance Baptiste, 2 Simple Boys- Elric Morris, Survivors- Dean Farrell, Kayous- Michael Duncan, Progressive Youths- Akeyso Davis, CO Williams Cowboys- Bradford Goodluck, and ASCO Two- Nicos Davis.

United Survivors took the female league title, with Zees and Sons ASCO and Super Strikers sharing the Knock Out glory.

Simple Boys won both the Male League and Knock Out titles. The Best Dressed team was Zees and Sons ASCO, with the Most Disciplined team being Progressive Youths and the Most Improved Team, Clinchers.

The Closing Ceremony heard addresses from President of ASCO, Denisford Foster, Manager of the National Sports Council, Osbourne Browne, Doug Williams, of CO Williams, and area representative and Minister of Sports, Mike Browne.

The feature address was delivered by Queen’s Counsel Parnel Campbell, who spoke on the topic: “Raise Your Standard, Think BIG”.(RT)