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AC Biabou rules!

AC Biabou rules!


AC Biabou became the toast of the NCB Biabou Football League when they secured the League title last Sunday afternoon at the Biabou Playing Field.{{more}}

AC Biabou owed their victory to strikes from national player Damal Francis, and single strikes from Nyanga Sam and Omoro Harrington, as they handed NCB Richland Park Pride and Joy a three nil defeat.

Biabou’s win stopped Pride and Joy from doing the double, after they had earlier taken the Knock Out title.

And following Sunday’s match, it was awards time.

The Best Goal Keeper was Cosmore Toney of NCB Richland Park Pride & Joy, with the Best Defender adjudged to be Rodcliff Johnson of AC Biabou. Don Laborde of Gonsalves Wines Munich was voted the Best Midfielder. The Most Improved Player was Desborn Lavia of Biabou United. The Most Goals Award went to Damari Fairbain of Greggs of Madrid. The prolific Fairbain scored 13 goals. The Most Valuable Player was Nyanga Sam. Biabou United received the prize for the Best Dressed Team and the Most Disciplined Team was South Central Windward Strikers. Brighton All Stars secured the third spot in the League competition. The NCB Biabou Football League for the first time this year had an eleven-a-side competition. In previous years, the league was contested on a nine -a – side format.(RT)