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Media swim off

Media swim off


A number of local media houses here took a break from their recorders, cameras, pens and notebooks on Saturday to participate in a friendly swim meet, organized by the Taiwanese Embassy.{{more}}

Representatives of the Searchlight Newspaper, Agency for Public Information (API) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) gathered at the Young Island Dock last Saturday for the early morning exercise.

Ambassador of the Republic of China on Taiwan Jack Cheng, along with staff members and other Taiwanese nationals, also took part in the swim, after early concerns about the sea current were eased.

Searchlight Social Club representative Naftali Stewart was the first to reach the other side, narrowly edging out Ambassador Cheng.

API cameraman Tyrone ‘Fitzy’ Jordan came out of the water in third place. SVGBC’s cameraman Keith Cupid, although he put in a great effort, did not complete the event.

After a brief rest, which included refreshments and a draw for prizes, including a laptop computer, some members, including Searchlight’s Chief Executive Officer Clare Keizer and SVGBC’s Assistant Manager Richard McLeish returned to the sea for a swim back to the mainland.

The event, which was held in conjunction with the Searchlight Social Club, is one of the first sporting events to take place among media houses here.(JJ)