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Velox remains undecided

Velox remains undecided


The decision for veteran midfielder Kendall Velox to come out of retirement and suit up for Vincy Heat against Canada in the World Cup Qualifiers in June must first go through some processes.{{more}}

The mercurial midfielder, who last year January announced that he was hanging his football boots permanently at the senior national level, after representing St. Vincent and the Grenadines for seventeen years, acknowledged that he was approached to return.

Velox, in an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday from his Trinidad and Tobago base, revealed that Technical Director Stewart John Hall and Manager Roxell John had a meeting with him last Monday with a view of him having a change of heart.

“I have to first do some soul searching. At this point I am undecided”, Velox said.

“I have to consult my family, close friends, other persons who are close to me, and my personal manager”, the quiet Velox stated.

Pressed into giving a definitive response, Velox chuckled: “I can’t give a definite answer”.

The 36-year-old Velox said, however, at times he is inclined to respond in the affirmative, and at other occasions in the negative.

A true patriot, the diminutive Velox said he believed that he still has a lot in him to offer to the team.

“I think I can make a difference”, he added.

On the other hand, Velox said he wanted to give younger players a chance to get international exposure.

The usually modest Velox told SEARCHLIGHT that he has been given numerous opportunities at representing this country at football, and according to him, “It is nothing new to me”.

Velox was on hand last Tuesday afternoon at the Marvin Lee Stadium in Macoya to see Vincy Heat beat semi professional club bMobile Joe Public, through first half goals from Damal Francis in the 25th minute and a 36th minute strike by Sean Glynn.

“I was impressed with the guys; they made Joe Public look ordinary”, Velox said with some national pride.

Velox, who has been playing in the semi pro league in Trinidad and Tobago since 1997, only obstructed by a one year stint in Lebanon in 2000, this year moved to AIA Caledonia, after spending four consecutive seasons with North Stars.

Last week, before Vincy Heat embarked on their eleven-day training camp in the twin island republic, Hall hinted that he wanted Velox to be part of his team’s set up.(RT)