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Shillingford seeking answers from WICB

Shillingford seeking answers from WICB


Coach of the Windward Islands Under-15 cricket team, Trevor Shillingford, has lashed out at the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) management choices of the regional Under-15 squad for this year’s Clico International Tournament, to be staged in the Caribbean later this month.{{more}}

Shillingford, a Dominican, is questioning the criteria for the appointment of Coach Keith Arthurton and Manager Peter Vaughn.

Shillingford, who has coached the Windwards Under-15 unit for eight of the last nine years at the regional competition, in an exposition wrote “The facts are, the coach was not the first choice of his territorial board, since he only became coach of the Leeward Islands due to the illness of the originally appointed manager”.

“His team came last at the just concluded tournament with one point from a rained off match”, Shillingford further added.

Hinting at something highly sinister, Shillingford said, “It cannot be said that he was the most qualified coach at the tournament, since all the other coaches at that tournament were all WICB level 2 coaches, the qualification he possesses; and he was one of the least experienced at the West Indies Under 15 tournament”.

“So what then is the reason why this individual was seen as being superior to others with proven track records?” he questioned of the regional cricket authorities.

Pointing to an apparent bias, “The only thing which comes to mind is that the individual played Test cricket for the West Indies. Therefore, one begs to ask the question is the WICB saying that one can only be eligible to coach a West Indies team only if he is an ex-West Indies player?”

Shillingford also took his blade to the appointment of Vaughn as manager.

“The appointment of the manager is also a source of concern, since again one has to ask how was the manager selected. Was it based on experience? “, the Dominican inquired.

Shillingford thought was that Vincentian Samuel Holder was a better choice. In showing up Holder’s credentials, Shillingford said, “Samuel Holder the longest serving manager, with satisfactory track record, should have been appointed; he started as manager of the Windward Islands Under-15 cricket team back in 2002 and has been with that team since.

Continuing Holder’s acumen, Shilingford wrote, “An experienced and qualified school teacher, a management studies undergraduate student; his record as manager at the under 15 level includes leading his team to third place on three occasions, second places twice, and to the championship position in 2007, all of this in seven years of service His record speaks for itself”.

“Or was the appointment based on performance?” he asked

“These appointments represent a slap in the face to those who have devoted their time and effort towards the development of West Indies cricket. Is that the way the WICB is prepared to reward persons who have served, or is it all about job for the boys?” Shillingford concluded.(RT)