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SVG Netball Association PR Officer Resigns

SVG Netball Association PR Officer Resigns


After serving in the capacity of Public Relations Officer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association for a little over one month, Natasha Medford has tendered her resignation.{{more}}

In a letter dated 20th March, 2008, and addressed to Doris Mc Intosh, President of the Association, Medford stated: “It is with great pain and disappointment that I write this letter of resignation.”

Medford, who served as Secretary of the Association from January 2006 to last month, when she was defeated by Silma Millington, wrote: “Recent events of disrespect levied to the Executive and directly to me have led to my resignation from the post of Public Relations Officer”.

The issue at hand then was the Association’s decision to switch sponsorship for its national club tournament from Cable & Wireless to Digicel.

“However, for the President to question whether I want to take a position because I gave my opinion on her decision to go to Digicel for sponsorship of the National Tournament, while stating to the previous sponsor that the Executive met and made the decision, is one that leaves much to be desired”, Medford boldly wrote.

An employee of Cable & Wireless, currently based in the Marketing Department, Medford went on: “When I took up this position, I took it up with a bit of hesitation. I, however, made a strong promise to myself to work as hard as I can to ensure that the sport I play and love so dearly is brought back to a level that is respected by all involved”.

“The experience gained from working on a National Association cannot be replaced and I will use that experience to further help the development of netball outside the scope of this Executive”, she added.

“I do wish the other members of the Executive a successful tenure and do hope that all ensure the long-term survival of the sport and not just a short-term solution to issues when they arise, as the sport’s development is of key importance at this time”, Medford ended her letter.(RT)