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Latchman looking to excel in his game

Latchman looking to excel in his game


Shane Latchman, a member of the X-Cel Tennis Academy, is hoping that his one week stint at the Junior Tennis Champion Center in Washington DC would make him a better tennis player.{{more}}

The 14-year-old, who left here last week Saturday for the US capital, told SEARCHLIGHT that he plans to make use of his first major exposure to a higher level of coaching.

“I expect from this to be a better player, get more advice on my play, and train harder to improve on my game”, Latchman projected.

And, with the experience garnered , he wants use it as a spring board to excel on the local tennis scene, as well as regionally, and ultimately internationally.

Latchman said that his interest in Tennis started from a holiday camp seven years ago which spawned his rise as a contemporary top local junior player.

The Form 4 Science student of the St. Vincent Grammar School said that sustaining that interest could not have been possible without the support of his parents who, according to him, “have supported me all the way”.

Samantha Goodluck, one of the directors of the four year old X-Cel Academy, further told SEARCHLIGHT that Latchman would be well served as he would be under the guidance of Martin Blackman.

She said Blackman, from New York, but who grew up in Barbados, is the head of the Centre and a certified high performance coach, is the Chairman of the Professional Tennis Council of the USTA .

Goodluck revealed that Latchman’s opportunity was part of X-Cel’s Tennis Education Programme, which seeks to develop the all round abilities of its members.

Goodluck also stated that a number of persons assisted financially to make Latchman’s trip a reality.

Latchman is expected to get first hand experience, as the camp has penciled a day to view a pro tournament in Miami, Florida, as part of its agenda. (RT)