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Guardsman SVG Ltd



Guardsman SVG Ltd are now the official 2008 sponsors of the uniforms to be worn by Umpires of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Umpires Association during their participation in the 2008 National Cricket Season.{{more}}

A release from Guardsman states that the company “… has shown their commitment to sports. The firm has ensured that not only cricketers who play the game are properly dressed but that the Umpires who officiate and control the games are also resplendently attired.”

The Guardsman Logo will be prominently displayed on the white long sleeved coats to be worn by umpires during the cricket games on Saturdays and Sundays both in the RBTT Premier and the Ju-C First Divisions.

During the Neil Williams 20/20 Limited Overs Games Umpires will be dressed in their coloured polo t- shirts displaying the Guardsman Logo.