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Vinlec powers up Volleyball title

Vinlec  powers up Volleyball title


The power of Vinlec’s spiking and digging last Monday night at the National Lotteries Authority Facility were too much for Education to handle, in the final of the Firms and Institutions Volleyball Competition.{{more}}

In straight sets, the more experienced Vinlec team, with vocal reinforcement from some of their fellow employees on the side lines, saw them winning 25-17, and 25-22, in the best of three sets.

Education, which showed some enterprise and at times challenged Vinlec, however, lacked the depth to see them through.

In the third place play off that preceded the final, D & E Combined defeated NCB, also in straight sets. D & E Combined won 25-11 and 25-17.

The other teams that participated in the competition were PESTA and RSVG Police.

The excitement and interest generated during the last three weeks has been a good fillip for Volleyball here.

And, President of the Volleyball Association Shaun Young was lost for words at the outcome of the competition.

“The firms competition has been a success, and we are pleased with it, and it is not finished”, Young said.

“What this has done was to bring back a lot of players who now see what they were missing and they have started to enjoy the game as they did many years when they first began,” he added.

The Volleyball President said that his organisation plans to dovetail with another competition set for the Easter weekend.

“We have asked some of the teams to stick together, and hopefully we can bring the clubs back”, Young stated.

A revival of the once vibrant volleyball club structure has been one of Young’s main objectives, as head of a sport on a path of resurgence.

Part of the association’s plans is a competition for those who have advanced in age, following the Easter competition.

He said the association is looking favourably at an Over 35 competition.(RT)