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Taiwan Embassy Staff

Taiwan Embassy Staff


The amateur netball team consisting of Taiwan Ambassador Jack Cheng, Taiwan volunteers, and staff of the Embassy made their Netball debut on February 15 at Arnos Vale Netball court. President of the SVG Netball Association Doris McIntosh, along with members of the association, gently whacked the rookies from the Embassy.{{more}}

The game was held to celebrate Taiwan Lunar New Year and to promote sport for health. Though none of the members of the Taiwan team have ever played netball, they were hopeful to score a few shots. If not for the courtesy of the Association team to use only one tenth of their strength, the Taiwan team could not have survived for three quarters. Both teams enjoyed the hilarious activity, and the game was reluctantly terminated due to rain.

The Taiwanese Embassy has always made an enormous effort to promote sport. The Embassy has helped to build the tennis court in Villa, which is considered the best in the region, and up to international standards. As a token of support to the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association to hold the America Federation Netball Tournament in July, Ambassador Cheng promised to offer a computer for raffle, in response to the fund raising efforts of the Association.