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Doris Mc Intosh re-elected

Doris Mc Intosh re-elected


A new executive, but many of the old faces, will serve for the next two years as the decision makers of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association.{{more}}

The voting process took place last Monday afternoon at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, at the Association’s Annual General Meeting.

Doris Mc Intosh was returned for her third consecutive term as President, but not before Sonja Lewis and Godfrey Harry had waged a challenge to unseat her.

Mc Intosh prevailed, gaining twenty-seven votes, to Lewis’ fifteen and Harry’s nine.

Lewis, though, retained her post as First Vice-President in a two-way race with Harry. Lewis, in the match up, gained twenty-five votes, to Harry’s twenty-one.

The general body then moved a motion to have Harry installed as Third Vice President.

The post of Treasurer was snapped up by Michelle Guy, whose return to the national Executive was unchallenged. That position was previously held by Jacintha Ballantyne, who had served for three straight terms. In accordance with the Association’s Constitution, she could not seek re-election.

It was a straight fight between Natasha Medford and Silma Millington for the position of Secretary.

With the venue becoming sparse, as affiliates trickled out steadily, Medford, who was the incumbent, was deposed by Millington in a close contest. Millington pipped her 24-20.

Medford, however, beat Cheryl Alexander to secure the portfolio of Public Relations Officer. Medford garnered 23 votes to Alexander’s 21.

Alexander, LaFern Millington and Lyn-Marie Nichols then sought after the two Committee Members positions up for grabs.

Alexander and Millington got the nod, totalling, 29 and 31 votes, respectively. Nichols scored 20 votes.

The new Games Secretary is Thelma Foster, who had no opposition to her nomination.

The first task of the new executive is to get the annual National Club Championship into gear. The championship is set to begin next month.

Returning President Doris Mc Intosh views her new charges as “a much better Executive”.

She also told SEARCHLIGHT soon after her re-election, “(With) the new injection of these persons on the Executive, the Association should see a take off”.

Mc Intosh was forthright that some members of her past Executive did little during their tenure.

In her report to the affiliates, she disclosed that some members of the past Executive rarely attended meetings; hence they were unaware of the Association’s operations, and, in addition, worked against the ideals of the organisation.

Optimistic that there would be turn around in commitment of the new members, Mc Intosh still wants the general public to rally behind Netball.

Again she stressed the need for teams to be elevated to clubs. For the umpteenth occasion, Mc Intosh said that she wanted to put the matter, “on the front burner”.

The Netball boss also indicated that the growing problem of ill discipline in Netball would be confronted with greater zeal this time around.

Monday’s Meeting also heard the Treasurer’s Report, which gave an update of the Association’s finances and fund raising activities. (RT)