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Harry to contest Netball presidency

Harry to contest Netball presidency


When the nominations for the top post of President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association are handed in next Monday afternoon at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, among the persons offering themselves up is Godfrey Harry.{{more}}

The former Games Secretary of the national Netball organization made his intentions to challenge anyone for the presidency clear to SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday.

Dispelling the female sex bias that has dominated the hierarchy of Netball over the years, Harry believes that he has what it takes to move the sport to another level.

“I figure that I have something to offer to the sport and its development, especially in the technical areas”, Harry said.

“There are some structures to be put in place to get Netball back to a level of recognition”, Harry observed.

He identified the areas of coaching, umpiring, club structure and the secretariat as his focal points, once the delegates place that confidence in him.

A Physical Education teacher at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, Harry is yet to launch his campaign.

“I am going there as a wild card”, he said.

He, however, is certain that his three year old X-CEED Sports Club would nominate him.

“I just feel that I have the time, and I am motivated enough to try and get there”, Harry, a former national Netball coach said.

But if unsuccessful to wrest the top position, Harry said he would settle for a lesser post, providing he would get an opportunity to implement his plans.

Harry ceased being a national coach following the Commonwealth Games in Australia in 2006.

He has been a certified Netball umpire for the past twelve years, and also served as Treasurer of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation.

The 41-year-old Harry is also a certified athletics coach.

If elected to the top post, it would not be the first time that a male would head the national netball body.

Research shows that C.V. Hadley was Chairman of the then Netball Committee.

Technically, if Harry were elected, he would become the first male President under the new dispensation.

It is still uncertain if the incumbent President Doris Mc Intosh will be seeking a third straight two-year term. Moreover, SEARCHLIGHT has been unable to ascertain whether anyone else is interested in staging a challenge.

Monday’s meeting, which is set to begin at 4:45 pm, will also hear the President’s Report and the Financial Statement of the Association.