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System 3 wins Again!

System 3 wins Again!


The title of league champion of the Premier Division of the Coca Cola /Duna Water National Club Championships has been claimed by St. Vincent Motors System 3.{{more}}

The undisputed champion of local football crossed out a hapless Cowdrey Village last Wednesday night at the Victoria Park.

System 3 literally had a walk in the park, as Cowdrey Village never showed up for any serious competition worthy of that of a Premier Division team.

Starting with only ten players, System 3 was still able to out pace and out class their opponents.

Beating the off side trap set up by the Cowdrey Village defence, System 3 with several national players in their team, and with new Technical Director/Head Coach Stewart John Hall on hand making notes of those who impressed him, resorted to making fun of the minnows.

It was 6-0 at the end of the first half, and it was over bar the shouting. System 3 completed their dominance with a 7-1 triumph.

A hat trick by Lyndon Velox, a brace by Norrell George and one apiece by Seinard Bowens and Teron Miller, ensured that System 3 took hold of another football title.

The competition was set up last Sunday for the show down between System 3 and Je Belle. System 3, though, edged out Je Belle 1-0, to advance their claim.

Je Belle, from their quota of 15 matches, finished with 35 points. Je Belle completed their run, scoring 39 goals and conceded 16.

System 3 finished with 37 points, scored 40 times, and had 16 scored against them.

Defending champion NEMWIL Hope International copped the third spot, having completed their 15 matches, finishing with 32 points.

Trailing the top three is the re-energised Avenues United, which once was one of the top teams in the Kingstown area, but had lost some of its dominance lately.

Completing the top five is Greiggs, with 28 points from all 15 matches played.

The position in the First Division shows Gonsalves Wine Munich .F.C as run away leader with 33 pints from their 13 matches. But concerns have been raised in certain quarters over the eligibility of some of Munich’s players, as it was reported that they used players who did not comply with the transfer stipulation.

While the executive committee of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation sorts out this issue, Munich enjoys leadership in the division.

Parkside Rollers is docked in the number two spot with 28 points, with one match still to be played. Hillview, Richmond Hill United and System 3, each finished with 26 points. All three recorded 8 wins. (RT)