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Digicel sponsors veteran cyclist

Digicel sponsors veteran cyclist



Telecommunications company Digicel sponsored veteran St. Lucian cyclist Winston “Stoney” Williams a plane ticket to travel to this country, so that he could share his skills with younger cyclists.{{more}}

Williams, who was here for the “Solidarity Cycling Camp”, which was put on by the SVG Cycling Union and the SVG Olympic Committee, said that he was happy to impart his knowledge and that he was motivated by the enthusiasm of the other cyclists.

Williams, who was here from December 30 to the January 6, pointed out that cycling helps to keep the body fit, but he also advocated the sport as an activity that would keep young people out of trouble.

He explained, “Cycling is a sport that gives you opportunities to travel and compete not only in the region but also at the international level. When you get on that bike, you become more focused and disciplined. You want to compete and do your best.”

Williams had high praises for Trevor “Sailor” Bailey of the SVG Cycling Union and the local Olympic Committee for making his stay among the 15 other cyclists memorable and thanked Digicel for making his trip possible.