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Hope doubles up in South East with thriller

Hope doubles up in South East with thriller


NEMWIL Hope International crowned off the 2007 National Lotteries Football League with the big one, the League title.

Last Sunday, Hope collected the champion’s trophy, gold medals and $2,500. But it took penalty kicks to decide the winner.{{more}}

Playing against Busta Prospect, Hope took the lead in the first half, after Dwayne Dennie was fouled by Calvert Richards. The resulting penalty was converted by Dennie.

Prospect responded through Randolph Williams, who scored directly from a corner kick that befuddled all of Hope’s defence, and national goal keeper, Melvin Andrews.

Hope, though, had to soak up some sustained pressure for the Prospect team that wanted to end on a high. At the end of regulation time, the scores were still level, which necessitated kicks from the spot.

But the penalty kicks were a different ball game.

Hope kept their nerves, scoring four to Prospect’s two. Hope added the League title to the Knock Out trophy won last week Monday. Again, then, Prospect had to console themselves with second place.

JeBelle took the third spot, beating Avenues 3-2.

Kwesi Govia of Hope International was named Sunday’s Player of the Final.

Lawrence Franklyn of Prospect, who at one point in his career represented Hope, was the League’s leading goal scorer. Franklyn had 16 goals to his name. The prize for Most Goals in the Junior Division went to Delano Webb of the St. Clair Dacon Secondary. He netted ten goals.

Freeland was adjudged the Most Disciplined team among the seniors, with St. Vincent Motors System 3 copping that award in the Junior Division.

Prospect took away $1,500, a trophy and silver medals.

The South East returned this year after three years of inactivity. (RT)