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Michael Findlay: ‘I was not axed’


When the West Indies cricket team leaves this Sunday for their three-month tour of Africa, they will be managed by the legendary West Indies cricket captain, Clive Lloyd and not Michael Findlay.{{more}}

And the way this was communicated does not please Findlay.

The reason being, as it is now, there has been speculation and suggestion that Findlay was axed from managerial duties after he led the team on two tours earlier this year.

This was not so, Findlay claims; he did not ask to be considered for the job.

He first led the team to England in May on a two-month, four-test, three one day international, and two 20/20 international tour, and then in September to the 20/20 World Cup in South Africa.

Findlay told SEARCHLIGHT that when he submitted his report on the tours, he indicated that because of work and family commitments he would not want to be considered for the upcoming tours.

“When I submitted my report to the board I indicated that I won’t be available,” said Findlay, who played 10 Test matches for the West Indies between 1969-1973.

Findlay, who is the chairman of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for Cricket World Cup 2007, said that the work of the Local LOC was extended so that the work being done at the playing fields would be completed.

He explained that he had to take a leave of absence from his LOC responsibilities to serve the West Indies team on the just concluded tours, and could not find it in himself to ask for more leave to be away for a further three months.

The double-decker stand at the Arnos Vale Complex, and the river defence that was destroyed last December, are among the things that must be completed before the remaining skeleton staff of the LOC is dissolved, Findlay explained.

He said that his correspondence with the West Indies Cricket Board should have been made clear to the public so as not to leave any room for suspicion.

“The board should have communicated this to the public,” Findlay said.

He said that he stands ready to serve West Indies cricket in the future, and remains very committed to the cause of seeing the team rise to the top again. (KJ)