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SVGFF tripped heading for goal!

SVGFF tripped heading for goal!


The Joseph Delves executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation may have to rescind on the decision made by the former executive to build an Office Complex as the Federation’s Goal One Project.{{more}}

The ownership the land on which the complex is supposed to be built, is the issue facing the new executive.

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, Joseph Delves, confirmed on Monday at a Press Conference that the past executive paid for the land, but with “no proper title”.

He outlined that an owner was paid $112,000, for the 3,750 square feet of land, located at the area known as Quarry, on the eastern side of capital Kingstown.

Delves said, that on investigation, the parcel of land, was actually jointly owned by someone else, hence the problem of proper title.

He chided the past executive for its irrational decision, without doing a proper feasibility study before embarking on such a venture.

Delves, himself a lawyer, said that the Federation’s lawyer S. K. John, is working of the implications of the executive’s advances in purchasing the land.

Earlier this year, the executive, then led by St. Clair Leacock, announced that it would pursue the construction of the complex, as its Goal Project, after its initial proposal of finding suitable land for building a home for football, did not materialise.

The executive also, then, had indicated that an engineering firm led former Vincy Heat manager, Maxim James, had already been entrusted with the responsibility for the plans of the complex.

Delves, in his deliberations on the matter on Monday, said that his executive was not bound by the project, despite having to vacate the present rented office building at Murray’s Road.

He said that at present that the federation is seeking commercial space be it rented or free.

The Goal Project is an initiative of football’s world governing body FIFA, which provides member nations with US 400,000, to embark on capital projects. Whilst St. Vincent and the Grenadines is struggling to get Goal One going, some countries are at Goal Three.

The Goal Project is separate from the annual draw down of US$ 25,000, granted to its affiliates for the administration of the sport.(RT)