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Clean Up

Clean Up


The newly elected executive of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation, since taking office just under four weeks ago, has been occupied with putting order to the administrative matters, while at the same time getting the business of football going.{{more}}

Detailing a trailer load of inefficiencies of the immediate past national custodians of football, was current President, Joseph Delves, as he updated the local media last Monday, at Football House, Murray’s Road.

Delves described the first three weeks, as a period of, “huge administrative difficulties”. He pointed to the general lack of cooperation from some key players of the former executive, as impeding the transition process.

The new football boss cited the unavailability of pertinent gadgets to access some of the federation’s data as another of the stumbling blocks erected in his executive’s path.

Disclosing that expert advice has been sought to regulate the operations of the federation, Delves unearthed several practices of the former executive that left much to be desired.

Among the list were the absence of reports, poor filing procedures, the absence of financial reporting, as well as a poor day to day accounting.

The new executive is also dogged by the unavailability of an inventory to ascertain a proper asset base of the federation.

Delves said that a lot of time was spent trying to collate data, as the unprofessional manner in which the business of football was managed left much to be desired.

On the vexed issue of the federation’s debt, Delves said that it stands at just over a half million dollars, but he was frustrated by the fact that many small business people are among the list of creditors.

He said that the past executive left a debt of $33,100, as outstanding amounts for the rental of the present football office. The former executive under St. Clair Leacock, entered into an agreement with the building’s proprietor Sylvia Sutherland, to rent office space at a cost of $4,600 per month.

According to Delves, under Leacock, the executive was, “living a lifestyle that it couldn’t afford”.

Delves also disclosed that because of poor financial management, the federation has lost the services of its website. Referring to it as an important communication tool, the lawyer by profession said that his executive has been unable to post pertinent information and link with the outside world.

With the site out of operation for the time being, the executive is restricted in its advertising for the post of Technical Director/Head Coach.

But an optimistic Delves said that under his charge, “We have every intention to honour our debts”.

Delves is calling on its creditors for patience as they try to sort themselves out.

He revealed that since assuming the reins of power of football here, the SVGFF has received the sum of $25,000 from the National Lotteries Authority to get them up and running.

Delves announced that among his executive’s plans, is the organisation of a football retreat, so that persons can have a say in the way the sport should progressed through some re-structuring.

Also present at the media update were elected members: Second Vice President Raymond Trimmingham, and Third Vice President Ashley Caine. Two of the co-opted members of the executive, Acting General Secretary Earl Bennett and Cerlian Russell, were at the head table.

The completion of the executive should take place December 1, when the general council would elect five committee members.

Last Monday’s press conference was the first convened by the new executive, and followed a meeting with affiliates held two days prior.(RT)