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Cyrus cutting through the barriers

Cyrus cutting through the barriers


When Shadel Cyrus started playing football about three years ago, little did she know that she would have improved so rapidly.{{more}}

At age 14, Cyrus is the captain of the Emmanuel High Mesopotamia Under -16 team, participating in the Coca Cola School’s tournament.

But that is not all, as she is also the captain of the team; an achievement that the Long Wall resident cherishes.

However, the biggest accomplishment in her short football career was her selection to this country’s Under 23 team to the Olympic qualifiers last month in Suriname.

Considered an integral part of the team, Cyrus played in all three matches; two as a starter.

Enjoying the limelight leading the boys, Cyrus with obvious delight said, “I feel good that I am the only girl in the team, and I am the captain”.

The emerging female player, Cyrus started to represent her school last year, but with her six day practice regimen, she has learnt and has done so quickly.

“I practise six days, Mondays to Saturdays,” Cyrus stated.

Setting aside Sundays for church, Cyrus’ introduction to football came while she was a student of the Kingstown Preparatory School.

She credits the indomitable Ian Sardine for her passion for the game. At present she is a member of the newly formed Saints Women’s team, an appendage to St. Vincent Motors System, headed by Sardine.

The Form Two student pointed out that although she is involved in a traditional male dominated sport, “I am not a Tom Boy.”

Also a lover of Athletics, Cyrus said she is not intimidated by having to compete with the boys in her new role.

Despite her love for football, Cyrus does not have a football hero, neither local nor international.

A trend setter in her own right, Cyrus has opened the way for others, and they are already following.

A bashful Cyrus is encouraging other girls her age to get involved in football.

Enjoying the limelight for the time being, Cyrus has her eyes set on playing for her school’s Under-20 team next year.

With the football magnet implanted in her, Cyrus wants to maximise every footballing opportunity presented to her, while balancing the sport with her academics.(RT)