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Boxing still suffers ‘Ring’

Boxing still suffers ‘Ring’


The absence of a ring and a suitable place to call a gym are two major areas affecting the growth of boxing here.

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Boxing Association, Winston Telesford, thumbed the two areas facing his organization.{{more}}

But Telesford and his executive are soldiering on, despite these inadequacies. At a press briefing last week Monday, Telesford told SEARCHLIGHT that his team is determined to continue what they started about two years ago, when the sport began its recovery journey.

Telesford said that while they wait on the completion of a floor of the Campden Park Community Centre, they are making full use of the Bishop’s College facility, which he said is a makeshift arrangement.

Being grateful for small mercies, the boxing association is preparing a team to compete in the OECS championship set for St. Lucia later this month.

According to the local boxing head, they are doing so without a ring.

Telesford, though, was optimistic that the present situation of not having a ring may soon be a thing of the past. He said that the next annual US $5,000 grant made to this country by the International Amateur Boxing Association (IABA) will be used to acquire to ring.

The local association recently received its first allocation of the four year agreement, by way of a computerised scoring system, which costs about EC$3,000.

Telesford disclosed to SEARCHLIGHT that IABA dishes out its grants in the form of equipment, not cash.

He said that the remainder from this year’s grant will be added to next year’s quota, hence the purchase of a ring, which is his organisation’s next major priority.

Telesford is hopeful that the ring would be in the state before the end of the year.

In addition, the boxing organization has purchased weights and other equipment, ensuring that the sport thrives. Standing firm in his corner, Telesford said that some exhibition bouts are planned before next year’s end to show the general public that the sport is still alive.(RT)