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Annual Independence Handicap Tournament climaxes

Annual Independence Handicap Tournament climaxes


The third Annual Independence Handicap Tournament concluded last weekend in spectacular fashion. The Tournament, which was sponsored by the National Sports Council, saw 10 juniors and 20 seniors participating in action, which took place from the 23rd to the 25th of October at the National Squash Centre located in Paul’s Avenue.{{more}}

In the junior female division, Demi Ollivierre placed third, after defeating Tiwanda Philips 15/2,15/15/11, while Hasani Browne placed 2nd, after succumbing to junior female champion Kenica Alexander in a gruesome three game encounter 15/8,20/22,15/10.

In the Junior Boys division, third place went to Jordon George, while in the battle for 2nd and 1st place, Cruz Halbich went under to his Brother Storm Habich 15/9,15/7.There was also a prize for Best Sportsmanship which went to Don-Austyn Moss.

In the senior division, there was a tight battle for the Bronze plate between Ian Sheridan and Raphie Browne, with Raphie Browne coming out on top 15/7,15/8. In the battle for the Silver Plate, Amber Glasgow defeated Jules Snagg 15/13,15/12.

In the main draw, the fight for 3rd and 4th place saw Kevin Hannaway overcoming Sherian Slater 15/9,15/5. In the final match of the night, the Independence Handicap Finals, James Bentick overpowered Kevin Bailey 15/4,15/12 to take the title as Independence Handicap Champion 2007.