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Bermuda’s World Cup dream comes true

Bermuda’s World Cup dream comes true


The Cricket World Cup warm up matches here were not all about team meetings, training sessions and games. A chance encounter at MR. P’s Unisex Salon at Frenches Gate revealed that there’s more to the competition than just winning the cup.

The Bermuda Cricket Team, considered minnows in the competition, used Wednesday’s rest day to get some much needed hair cuts, souvenirs and food. They took time out from their ‘busy’ schedule to field some questions from SEARCHLIGHT reporter Junior Jarvis.{{more}}

Q: Are you enjoying your stay in St. Vincent?

A: Definitely. Everyone is very friendly and helpful, we like it here. We went to the Heritage Village, that was fun. And the island is very beautiful.

Q: What do like the most or least about the island?

A: Well we couldn’t find a restaurant open when we were hungry the other day after practice, so we had to settle for KFC again! (laughs). I think the place shuts down too early, but one thing though, if you want to get a lot of rest this is the place to be.

Q: This is your first World Cup. How does it feel?

A: It feels great! We’ve been trying to qualify since 1979 and kept missing out, so finally we are here and it’s a dream come true. We’re gonna take the opportunity to have a good show.

Q: You guys are in Group B with Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, OUCH!

A: Yeah I know! (Laugh). But it’s all good though. We’re glad to be in that group because the only way we can improve is if we play against the best, and India and Sri Lanka are among the best. Bangladesh is creating a stir so it would be interesting to see how we do against them. If we can get one win in the round that would be great, but we’re just happy to be here in the competition.

Q: What do you guys do when you’re not playing cricket?

A: Wish we were playing cricket (laugh). I (Captain Irving Romaine) am an elementary school teacher, Vice Captain Dean Minors is a secondary school teacher and we also have a middle school teacher on the team. We also have a couple of computer technicians and telephone company workers and a student. Our crowd favourite, big Dwayne Leverick, he is a police officer. He chases down criminals, so you can tell the crime rate in Bermuda is low (laugh).

Q: What’s next for the team after the world cup?

A: Well a number of us are going to retire, we’ve been doing this a long time now and we intend to give the younger ones a chance to show what they can do. Our ages range from 17-37 years.

Q: Where do you see Bermuda Cricket in the next five or ten years?

A: Well with a lot of international exposure, Bermuda cricket will definitely improve. Like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, it’s only a matter of time before we break through internationally and a couple more world cups will do just that for us.

Q: Don’t you see yourself playing test cricket?

A: No, never. We don’t have the resources for that. With a population of just over 67,000 it would be impossible to develop test cricket. So we’re just gonna concentrate on One Days and hopefully some day winning the World Cup.