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National Sports Awards set for tomorrow night

National Sports Awards set for tomorrow night


Pride and Patriotism in Sports

Thirty nominees are in line for the major categories of the 2006 National Sports Awards tomorrow night at the Peace Memorial Hall.

Pamenos Ballantyne, Marlon Antrobus, David Llewelyn, James Bentick, Edward Layne, Cornelius Huggins, Stephenson Wallace, John Gardiner, Deighton Butler and Jahzeil Lewis are the contenders for the Senior Sportsman of the Year{{more}}.

The Senior Sportswoman of the Year will be chosen from Kineke Alexander, Sherian Slater, Saskia Diamond, Teran Matthews and Sophia Young.

Ranica Williams, Darel Dickson, Kevin Hannaway, Winslow Mc Dowald, Rolston Tittle and Laron Francois are vying for the title of Junior Sportsman of the Year.

The Junior Sportswoman will be contested among Kericha Fraser, Amber Glasgow, Akia Samuel and Leanna Lewis.

Five coaches-Rosmund Griffith, James Bentick, Desmond Matthews, Earl Samuel and Ian Allen compete for the Coach of the Year.

Apart from the athletes, thirteen associations are seeking to become the Association of the Year.

The big prize, though is that of the Sports Personality of the Year. And the added category of International Athlete of the Year awards Vincentians who represent international clubs.

The theme for tomorrow’s ceremony is “Pride and Patriotism in Sports.” Lawyer Andrew Cummings will deliver the feature address.

The gala event, which holds pride of place in the Vincentian sporting arena, begins at 7:30.