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Browne wants recognition for former cricketers

Browne wants recognition for former cricketers


Manager of the National Sports Council (NSC) Osbourne Browne wants the new structures at the Arnos Vale playing field named after past cricketers and administrators.

Browne, who received a special honor at the function, called for ex-test players Alphie Roberts, Winston Davis, Cameron Cuffy and Nixon Mclean to be given some recognition.{{more}}

The NSC boss when later contacted by Searchlight said his proposal would be soon forwarded to the relevant authorities.

Browne said that he would also like the newly constructed media center named after Lennox John, who has given a number of years of service as a commentator.

He named former longstanding cricket administrator Dr Gideon Cordice as one worthy of recognition.

Browne further opined that some of the structures can be named after two or three persons as obtains in other countries.

The Arnos Vale playing Field is currently under extensive refurbishment for the warm up match ahead of Cricket World Cup.

A new media center, double-decker stand, a scoreboard, VIP area and an administrative centre are the additions to the venue.

The existing structures have already been named. They are the Sir Phillip Veira stand, the Mike Findlay Pavilion and the Frank Thomas Pavilion.