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ICC Volunteer Training begins this weekend

ICC Volunteer Training begins this weekend


Some 275 Volunteers, officially called CWC Vibes, will be involved in a massive training workshop here tomorrow, as the country continues to prepare for the ICC CWC 2007 warm up games.

The training workshop will be held at the Girls High School, and will continue on Saturday January 27th.{{more}}

This is the core training for the volunteers, and they will be provided with the requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to function effectively, during the hosting of the warm up games here in March.

The coordinator of the Volunteer programme, Yvette Wickham, has stressed the importance of this workshop. She says “the country must deliver a Spectacular Spectator Experience to all persons attending the warm up matches, and we must prepare our CWC Vibes for this purpose”.

The resource persons for the training workshop are all local professionals who were previously trained by the CWC staff in Jamaica.

Some of the subject areas that will be highlighted during the training include service excellence, teamwork, event management, professionalism and communication skills.

Following both workshops, the CWC Vibes will undergo another training exercise in their functional areas, including Health, Media and Accreditation, and VIP Protocol.