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No refunds for ICC CWC 2007 match tickets auctioned on ebay


Persons who offered match tickets for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 for sale on auction websites have had their tickets cancelled and now will not be receiving refunds from the tournament organisers.

More than 200 single tickets for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 – including some for top matches – have been made null and void in the crackdown on persons who, having been allocated tickets during the application phase of public ticketing, then tried to resell their tickets on the auction websites, contrary to the Ticketing Terms & Conditions.{{more}}

“CWC has worked very diligently to track down the persons who have been undermining the tournament’s integrity by engaging in this black-market activity. We have had good success and have cancelled the relevant tickets,” ICC CWC 2007 Commercial Manager, Stephen Price said. “However, CWC believes an even stronger message must be sent regarding indulgence in such practices – both to persons selling and buying these tickets. Offenders will have to face the consequences of their actions – no tickets and no refunds either.”

Price reiterated that tickets, Hospitality, and Tour & Travel packages should only be purchased from authentic channels: CWC Official Travel Agents, Official Hospitality Agents and through the Public Ticketing programme. He also warned that the organisation continues to “strongly advise the public to steer clear of other websites, including and, which have been giving the impression that they can provide valid tickets for ICC CWC 2007”.

“ICC CWC WI 2007 Inc. will not be held accountable for tickets purchased from unofficial sources should they not be valid for entry to a CWC venue,” he said.