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No sponsor yet for Industrial Netball tourney


The 2006 Industrial Netball Tournament commences this Sunday at the Kingstown Netball Center (KNC), after a year’s absence, but without a title sponsor.

Bottlers St. Vincent Limited, sponsor for the past fourteen years, has opted out this time.

Marketing Manager of Bottlers Brian Perreira told SEARCHLIGHT last Tuesday, that his company’s decision to forego sponsorship of the tournament was based on a major upgrade of its bottling plant. {{more}}

He disclosed that netball was not the only sport that will be affected by this decision.

Re-assuring the writer of the company’s commitment to continued sponsorship, Perreira said , “once the plant is up and running, we will continue to provide that goodwill as we are dedicated to the development of sports and people”.

First Vice -President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association (SVGNA) Sonya Lewis said that her organisation has already put measures in place to take care of the loss of a major sponsor.

“We are sourcing individual sponsors for our awards”, Lewis said.

She stated that the SVGNA understands Bottlers’ position and eagerly awaits the return of the partnership.

Sunday’s opening ceremony begins at 4 pm, with a march off of teams from Victoria Park to the KNC. Lewis said that twelve teams are expected to participate. A ten minute elimination Net-Firma -Rama among the participating teams will get Sunday’s action on the court going following addresses from government and netball officials.