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Vincentian Efford Rogers has brought pride and honour to his country.

He won the 2006 Naturalmania Super-Pro Qualifier Natural Bodybuilding Contest staged at the Martin Luther King HS. Campus, 65th Street & Amsterdam, NY City last Saturday September 23.{{more}}

He is the first home-based Vincentian to win an international natural bodybuilding contest. He was managed by US based Vincentian Kurt McLean.

More than one hundred persons from the USA, Canada and the Caribbean registered.

Rogers weighed in at 170 pounds. He won the middleweight category, then the overall contest (competing with the winners of the different weight classes).

As the over-all winner he was awarded the Weightlifting and Natural BodyBuilding Association (WNBF) pro card.

Rogers’ trip was made possible through contributions from a number of local outfits.

The SVG WNBA congratulates Rogers on this achievement.

Natural bodybuilding is a new phenomenon and the way forward for local bodybuilding, according to SVG WNBF, Brenton Milligan.

The WNBF was born out of a need to address the prevalence of steroids in professional bodybuilding.

Strict drug testing at every WNBF event includes both polygraph (lie detector) and urinalysis testing. Each athlete is tested via a long-method polygraph by certified examiners prior to admittance to an event.

The SVG WNBA holds it’s annual invitational classic October 29, 2006.