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T&T coach brings back boxing to SVG

T&T coach brings back boxing to SVG


How does one judge a good boxer? Is it by technique, speed or skill?

According to head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Boxing Association, Anthony Waterman, all these are great assets, but he believes that a good boxer works just as hard on building his sense of self as well as his muscle. {{more}}

Waterman noted that many athletes do not have a sense of purpose and go into a game showing this lack of pride. He stressed that the foundation of boxing or any sport must start within the athlete with principles such as fear for God, respect for others and discipline.

“Once a boxer knows what he is about, nothing can knock him out. Boxing is an individual sport where you have to be determined to win, so you can teach a boxer everything, but on the night of the fight it is him alone in that ring and you have to respect that,” he said.

Waterman who was in the country from August 29 to the September 1 on invitation from the St Vincent and the Grenadines Amateur Boxing Federation, taught the youngsters crucial techniques of the sport but made it clear that they must stay on the right track.

“You must have that confidence within yourself,” the qualified coach reinforced.

He continued: “You must not let your heart be troubled easily. You must not fuss about things that can’t be changed. These are the little things that athletes must know as a person so that they can gain confidence to be a great boxer.”

The head coach also said that boxing is an excellent sport for

curbing crime and violence.

He noted that many young men could release their energy through the sport. He said that sometimes vented their feelings through aggression and picked fights or joined gangs.

Waterman who has received training in places such as Australia, Cuba, Martinique, Colombia and Canada said that boxing helped troubled youngsters to become good role models and stay off drugs.

“Some boxers might not reach the Olympic level but they will prosper in life because of discipline. I want youngsters to know that a positive mind is the real technique to life, because you can know boxing but you must apply yourself. These are rules I live by and they are better than any technique because they come from the heart and that’s what drives you to excel.”

Meanwhile, president of the local Amateur Boxing Federation Winston Telesford noted that the invitation to have Waterman impart his knowledge was part of the Federation’s Summer Camp.

Telesford encouraged the boxers to learn as much as possible from the veteran and apply it to their game.