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Vincentian basketballer Sophia Young entered the WNBA as the fourth draft pick.

She played in all 34 games for the San Antonio Silver Stars. The 22 year old center topped the rookie list in rebounding with 257, and made 154 field goals.

The former Layou resident ended her debut season in the big league as the number four in offensive rebounding and in fifth position in defensive rebounding; total rebounds and steals per turnover.{{more}}

Young was one of three players, unanimously chosen by the 14 coaches that selected the All Star Rookie team.

She carved out nation-wide popularity in the US and here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines with her talent that led Baylor to their first NCAA championship in 2004.

Young is the second Vincentian to play in the WNBA. The first was Sancho Lyttle, who plays for the Houston Comets. Lyttle debuted in 2005.

As Young continues to live her dreams, I go One on One with her.

• RT: How has been your first season in the WNBA?

• SY. My first year in the WNBA has definitely been a learning experience for me. I had a lot of fun and after all I am playing with the best players in the world.

• RT: How do you compare the WNBA with the NCAA?

• SY: There are a lot of things that are different in the WNBA than the NCAA. The WNBA, you’re playing with and against the best players in the world so every night is a tough competition. It is fun, exciting and you can’t really predict an outcome.

• RT: What were the high and low points in your first professional season?

• SY: The highs were when we won and had a winning streak going. Our lows were when we lost and had to a find a way to get us out of the ditch.

• RT: How have you been able to mesh with your new team mates?

• SY: I love my new team mates. We all got along pretty well actually. They didn’t treat me any differently than a veteran player and I really liked that.

• RT: You entered the WNBA with much expected of you. How are you coping with these expectations?

• SY: I am coping with these expectations well. I think I might have fulfilled those expectations that everyone had of me so I hope that’s a good thing. I didn’t feel too much pressure at all.

• RT: Who has had the most positive influence on your basketball career?

• SY: The person that has had the most positive influence on my basketball career has got to be Mr Bo Roberts. He is one of my Baylor assistant coach’s dad. This man has taught me everything I know about the game of basketball.

• RT: You come from a sporting family, how much has this influenced your performance?

• SY: Well playing in this league takes a lot of talent and athleticism. So it never hurts to have an athletic family background.

• RT: How has your early exploits in netball here, helped in your basketball career?

• SY: I think playing netball has definitely helped me to pick up on basketball very easily because there are so many things in both sports that are very similar.

• RT: What is Sophia Young’s life away from the basketball court?

SY: Away from the court, I go to church, hang out with friends, read and chill.

• RT: The 2006 WNBA is over for you, what plans do you have for the off season?

• SY: I am heading for the Czech Republic in the off season.

• RT: Have you in any way missed SVG?

• SY: I do miss SVG. I mean after all it’s my home.

• RT: What plans do you have after your basketball career?

• SY: After my basketball career, I plan on coaching college basketball at a Division 1 college. Preferably Baylor University.